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What Is Therapy?

We all experience sadness, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions, but sometimes, these emotions become more of a burden than we can bear, and can affect our normal functioning; our relationships, jobs, schoolwork, and personal lives as a whole can suffer. Starting therapy is a courageous step toward feeling better; making the choice to become vulnerable in front of another person in order to receive help may be one of the hardest things you ever do.

Therapy is a chance for you to examine and explore decisions and patterns, see how the past is shaping your present, conquer fears, learn new skills, and make changes so that your life is more productive and fulfilling. It is a chance to talk without being judged, to receive support, and to truly be heard. Therapy provides a safe place for you to be your genuine self, feel and express emotions, and survey where you're at.

Therapy is different for everyone, and what you get out of it depends on the effort you put into it; if you're willing to be candid, vulnerable, and take chances, then you'll likely get something out of it. For every client, I start with an intake session, which is where we review your current issues, history, traumas, and family, and then we get into the real work. Some people have very specific goals, others know something's wrong but can't put their finger on it, but whatever your reason for seeking therapy, it's valid. Therapy consists of a 50-minute session in which we explore what's going on. For some people, therapy helps resolve an issue quickly and we may only need a few sessions, and for other people, therapy is more long-term. There's no "correct" way to be a client so long as we're addressing your issues. If the client is a minor, we will be having some family sessions, so the family understands what the client is working on and can be supportive.

Right now, by looking for a therapist, you're showing the insight that you need change in your life. You're doing great! Keep going!

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